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But…remember share your information and experience…after you get back home.  There’s no need to tell the world your home is unoccupied while you’re gone. 

You should also be very cautious about telling people on sites like Facebook or Twitter about your upcoming travel and even your day-to-day activities. You can tell everyone about your trip after you return. The reason to wait to post is you lose control over the proliferation of this information the moment you post it, even if you have security measures set.  All of those “friends” you have on Facebook may not be your friend.  From a social statistics standpoint, there’s a good chance one of them is a petty criminal.  They’d be glad to know your house is open to them while you’re at the beach.

Also, make certain you understand what the security and privacy settings for these sites can and can’t do for you. Some of those settings might update automatically. Check them frequently. You may still choose to allow the world to see your information, but it will be informed consent.

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